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Natalia Schäfer | Schaefer

The pace of modern life accelerates more every day. Most people live in stressful „passing by“ without taking the time to appreciate the beauty around us. With my art, I want to give the viewer a moment of time-out, a rest, with memories of how beautiful life is.

Painted with Love

Full-time artist (since 2004), Natalia was born in the Southern Urals in Russia. She graduated in Graphic Design. Spiritually guided since childhood she paints intuitively, loves to experiment with colors, searches for new shapes and color combinations that make up her artworks extraordinary. This is also appreciated by their steadily growing fan base from South Africa to Canada. Natalia Schaefer has had various exhibitions in Germany: Grassi Museum Leipzig, Magicum Museum Berlin, Dussmann das Kulturkaufhaus Berlin, several exhibitions in Berlin, London, and Switzerland. In addition, she has been supervising a gifted education project to empower creativity for school & university students in the field of art since 2009. She designed indoor and outdoor spaces for business and private clients. Published since 2009.

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